Updated January 30, 2017

On or about January 28th, 2017 John learned his sister, Roslyn Turner died on January 11th 2017. She was 58 years of age. John's brother Leon Jr. was 59 when he died a few months ago in August 2016. Another Turner is Dead.

Updated January 25, 2017

My Present Status
False Extradition Documents Transferred John to Maryland
TEA PARTY Regime Flexes Muscle on Trump Inaugural
Extradition Document Fraud Exposed

John Exposed the fraudulent extradition documents in a Habeas Corpus petition filed in Kern County (CA) Superior Court case HC015366A on 1/6/17.  See the extradition documents and fraud.

John’s Kern County judges were: COLETTE M HUMPHREY and STEVEN M KATZ.
On Donald Trump’s inauguration day, January 20, 2017 John was transferred to Talbot County Maryland.  The symbolism and timing is unmistakable. 

John is housed at: Talbot County Department of Corrections, inmate number 170013. 
115 West Dover Street
Easton, MD 21601


The John Turner case would be the proverbial David vs Goliath if David were bound, gagged and drugged before being thrown into the ring. 

The case is simple: Public officials, ranking members of a rogue political party, coordinated an interstate theft scheme targeting John Turner's real estate located in Bellevue, Talbot County, Maryland. A US senator in California and the Attorney General in Maryland brokered a deal between the San Diego County (California) District Attorney and the Maryland States Attorney of Talbot County. San Diego County would falsely arrest John in exchange for a kickback from John's bail. They would prosecute for a share of John's Maryland real estate.

Scheme Participants falsely arrested John, faked a trial and illegally incarcerated John Turner in California. The negotiations are detailed in communications between the participants. You get to see them for yourself.

Theft scheme Participants include a former US Secretary of State, a US Senator, State Attorney Generals and district attorneys in multiple states. The evidence, communications between Participants, speaks for itself.


  1. Background
  2. The Fraud Scheme: False Evidence and Fake Prosecution in California
  3. How They Did It
  4. The Secession Test
  5. Defeat of the Federal Judiciary
  6. List of Scheme Participants / Involved parties
  7. Summary of Overt Acts and Events
  8. Participant Communications (DETAILS)
  9. Participant Plans That Failed or Were Abandoned
  10. How to Verify Participants Communications

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Scheme Participants state they hate Christians and detail a plan to undermine the federal government and Christian citizens..

To cover up their activities, scheme Participants discuss plans to kill the Turner Family. The Turner Family, Christians and African Americans, owned waterfront real estate in Bellevue, Maryland since the 1950’s. Bellevue is a village in the Royal Oak Maryland zip code of 21662. Bellevue’s population is less than 125. In the last 18 months, 5 male Bellevue Turners have died. (John Turner learned of these deaths only weeks ago):

Hayward Turner (January 2015), Leon Turner Sr (John’s father, August 2015), Samuel E Turner Jr. (November 2015), Donald Gardner (Son of Sabre Turner, June 2016) and Leon Turner Jr. (John’s brother, August 2016). Hayward and Samuel are brothers.

To further their unlawful scheme, Participants detail a plan to create False US Courts, and that’s exactly what they did. To perfect the false court ruse, federal court websites were compromised, permitting Participants and foreign agents to return false data on John’s case. The Supreme Court’s website was compromised by a mole who shared data and access with scheme Participants.


All Participant communications discussed herein were submitted to the Supreme Court and are thus public information. John Turner filed a petition for Writ of Certiorari and a petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, Supreme Court Docket Numbers 16-5658 and 16-5659 respectively. You can search the Supreme Court docket at The contents of both above mentioned filings are almost identical. A copy of the Habeas Corpus petition docket 16-5659, is posted here:

Habeas Corpus filed August 12th, 2016 | Habeas Corpus Appendices August 12th, 2016

The online supreme court docket shows the Supreme Court denied John’s petition on October 11th, 2016

Of course! That’s consistent with what scheme Participants communicated they would do. Just take a look at their communications in the “Conspirators Arrange False US Court” and “Collaborator Allows Conspirators to Mine USSC (Supreme Court) Data.” About 4 years ago, Scheme Participants detailed how a mole agreed to compromise the Supreme Court website so that foreign agents could inject false data into John Turner’s search results. How many other Supreme Court support staff have been compromised in the last 4 years? At this time we don’t know. What we do know is that compromising a court clerk is routine practice for scheme Participants.

The questions that now present themselves:

  1. Did John Turner’s filing actually reach the Supreme Court?
  2. If so, did the actual Supreme Court Justices see the petition?
  3. Why would the Supreme Court of the United States refuse to air a case involving overt acts to circumvent and freeze the entire US judicial system, including the jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court itself?

The best defense of democracy is a well-informed public. Each of us can make inquiries of our representatives, inform our social network and make noise. Our government has been compromised and we have everything to lose by our silence. 


Click for Case Summary  |  Click for Appendices

Information to Verify Participants Communications

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John is not complaining of technicalities. He is innocent. The entire case is a sham and fabricated to further the unlawful scheme.

The following is from the conclusion of John’s Supreme Court Habeas Corpus Petition:

Orderly society cannot endure the effective granting of prosecutorial immunity for future crimes. Isn’t that what [PARTICIPANTS] get when they conspire with the state’s prosecutorial authority in the commission of unconstitutional and felonious acts, as well as potential acts of combat against the United States? Of course it is. To argue otherwise is just silly.

This is the good fight, and [I] thank[] those who have sacrificed and intervened in the interest of justice. Without that intervention, [I] would have been killed long ago. Our pledge and oath:

“We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

" ... I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; "

The only actions consistent and in harmony with that pledge and oath are federal intervention to:

  1. Vacate, with prejudice, the fraudulent San Diego County Superior Court conviction, case # SCN282017. That includes all adverse consequences such as registration, court fees and restitution.
  2. Immediately prohibit the San Diego County probation, an extension of the San Diego County prosecution.
  3. Prohibit the Maryland States Attorney for Talbot County prosecution, case # 20-K-13-010408.
  4. Quash the Circuit Court of Talbot County bench warrant.
  5. Immediately release John without requirement of bail or restraint.

All patriotic Americans, regardless of race or religion have a vested interest in John’s fight. Silence supports enemy combatants and the disenfranchisement of American Christians. There will be no peaceful coexistence with scheme participants and their allies. Help John air this case. Fo r Lawyers  


For more information or questions:

California Superior Court case SCN282017
California Appellate case D062363
California Supreme Case S217167
US District Court Case 14-CV-1966-GPC