John Turner is presently incarcerated in San Diego under the name Aubrey Turner inmate 12515145 case # CN28017

Bonnie M. Dumanis- 619-531-4040, North County Regional Center-780-806-4004
Daniel B. Goldstein, Judge North County, 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA 92081, 760-201-8022
Judge Daniel Goldstein, previously an ADA for San Diego County, strongly supported in his initial election bid by present District Attorney and Mayoral Candidate Bonnie M. Dumanis, failed to recuse himself after it was determined that the DA submitted edited/altered files into evidence.  Such a discovery, in and of itself, implies malfeasance on the part of law enforcement and/or the District Attorney’s office.

The evidence, shown to be altered, was admitted into evidence in an attempt to force the defendant to accept a plea agreement. Acceptance of a plea agreement would have removed evidence of this travesty of justice. The defendant, initially facing exposure of approximately 50 years, previously rejected a plea offer of 2-3 years. He has always insisted that he was innocent.

Why would any judge accept evidence that had been altered into any court room proceeding? One would have expected Judge Dan Goldstein to disclose his political, business, and social affiliation(s) with District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and the San Diego’s District Attorney’s office. The necessity for such a disclosure seemed apparent to potential jury members as on such person disclosed a long time personal relationship with the Dumanis family and weekly personal contact with District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis at a synagogue.

Please review the following documents, which included testimony by Detectives and District Attorney’s personnel. It should be apparent that the records are altered and that the testimony and motives are at best questionable.

  1. Exhibit 1A-Gibson-Athentication-02-09-12: this is the declaration of expert witness Kent Gibson that Pretexts recordings submitted as evidence on 02-08-12 are edited/altered.


  1. Exhibit 1B-Kent Gibson-Resume: Expert witness Kent Gibson’s resume.


  1. Exhibit 2-Testimony-Holler-Maloney: This is the 403 hearing testimony of Palo Alto Detective Anjanette Holler and Sergeant Cornelius Maloney. 
    1. The detective’s discussion of pretext recordings;
    2. Analysis and evaluation of pretext recordings 06-15-10;
    3. Logging of evidence;
    4. Forwarding evidentiary files to Oceanside Police Department;
    5. Subsequent requests for Pretext 1;
    6. Determination that Pretext 1 had no evidentiary value;
    7. Claims that pretext 1 “WAS NOT RECOREDED, “ERASED” or “DID NOT EXIST”.


  1. Exhibit 3-Kent-Gibson-Athentication -02-16-12: expert analysis and report. http://www.judicial-exploitation.org/case/cn282017/EXHIBIT3-Gibson-Authentication-2-16-12.pdf


  1. Exhibit 4-Pretext-1-Properties-MAC: Properties of the disc that contains Pretext 1 which was entered into evidence on 02-08-12.  Notice the modification time of the file as 6:02am. This is in direct conflict with the testimony of Detective Holler, Sergeant Maloney and Deputy District Attorney Katherine Flaherty.
  1. Exhibit 5-New-Trial-3-6-12: Motion for a new trial. Evidence was removed from the court room prior to jury deliberation.  I do not think this was intentional on the part of Deputy District Attorney Katherine Flaherty.  Nevertheless, it did happen and should have lead to a new trial.  Honorable Daniel B. Goldstein, Judge denied the motion for a new trial.